Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Revival of Free Software (3)

As I wrote at the previous entry, all open source projects are not about IT/Web. There are commentariats in Japan who like to talk about a relationship between free software and business activity, but they don't take notice to such projects. Perhaps they don't know that such projects are on the earth.

Each developer has each motivation. Anybody can't fix those. It's sure that some open source projects in some genres give something to some developers. But that is not only one motivation for developers. There are the following projects on the earth:

  • There is no contribution to society.
  • Developers use money, but they never get money.
  • A project can not any changes to developers' career and developers' life.

However, there are developers who join to such projects. You don't need to analyze the psychology of the developers, if you are not psychologist. Anybody can not define motivations of developers who join to free software projects. Also motivations are freedom.

Some people asked me what benefits I get from XOOPS. And, some members of XOOPS community asked me whether the benefit is a motivation why I touch XOOPS. I think that they saw themselves. The reason why they feel that benefits were my motivation is that their motivation was benefits.

Developers act without benefits, if there is not uselessness.

Therefore, if you suspect a conspiracy of XOOPS Cube project because XOOPS Cube is IT/Web industry, that's idle speculation. You and we should use the energy to do it for other actions.

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