Saturday, May 17, 2008

Revival of Free Software (2)

Japan IT/Web industry is brisk. When we were young, our dream is a baseball player. But, now, young people want to become web service creator and keep their efforts.

In this country, IT/Web Open Source Software (OSS) has important implications. It changes developers' career, makes developers' chance and gives something to developers' life.

Open Source Products are used for business activity very well, (in IT industry). Some people think that Open Source has to be talked with business activity. Of course, there are various open source projects that are not about IT/Web in this planet, but they might not know those exist on the earth. Anyway a project that tries to run DOOM in iPod is out of their sight.

Anyway, it's good that activities are brisk. But, because IT/Web OSS is brisk for business activities, XOOPS Cube has to be tormented by misunderstanding.

As you know, XOOPS Cube is one of primitive Free Software Activity. But, people don't think so, because XOOPS Cube is IT/Web OSS that is used for business activity for most people.

Somehow, there is the insistence that Free Software projects should collaborate with companies and business activity directly, in these years, in Japan.

As you know, the relation between Free Software and business activity was figured in previous decades. You read it at the FSF web site. It is not bad to discuss it again, but many people don't need to take time to redefine it. If they think that such a discussion is must for OSS improvement, I request them to pay notice to all projects that include a excellent project that runs DOOM in iPod. They hope that just a specific project is developed and use "OSS improvement" to speak in a roundabout way.

The XOOPS Cube project receives contributions from anybody, but doesn't collaborate with companies directly. A collaboration is not a duty of a free software project. This clear and primitive direction takes a balance between free software and business activity automatically.

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