Thursday, May 22, 2008

Revival of Free Software (4)

Lastly, I'm going to write the reason why I always feel the Free Software spirit from XOOPS and XOOPS Cube. When XOOPS Cube was forked from, we got to plan to recover Free Software Activity at XOOPS. That's the revival of Free Software, and the revival of fun.

Why? The reason is that XOOPS had been pure Free Software. The XOOPS foundation smashed it, made the fear centralism that might Stalin likes and bans user accounts who like XOOPS by the reason that their love doesn't equal with foundation's love. But, don't forget that XOOPS had been pure Free Software.

When onokazu tried to develop MyPhpNuke and XOOPS1, most people didn't think that free software web applications will become "a seed of benefits". He wrote MyPhpNuke and XOOPS to learn how to write programs for his job. He is technical translator and wanted to translate technical factors more better. His effort to his job created XOOPS.

That's surely a action of Free Software.

XOOPS was one of pure Free Software Activity. After then, some people noticed that open source web applications bring benefits, So many new CMS were born. And, XOOPS was damaged by the XOOPS foundation. Now, XOOPS is often compared with other CMS, but XOOPS is one of nascent CMS that nobody did not tie it with business. I pay respect to onokazu's great works.

And our project is Revival of The Spirit that XOOPS had once. XOOPS Cube was written from a scratch, but XOOPS Cube has surely the spirit of XOOPS that was smashed by the foundation.

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