Monday, June 18, 2007

The XOOPS Cube project advertises for the top-page of the web space

The XOOPS Cube project wishes to have the toppage of the project's web space. If you are able to make a web page, could you contribute it by your skill?

Because XOOPS Cube core is an abstract class group, the project doesn't use some base module of XOOPS Cube. Plus, another reason is that does not provides safety shared web space.
( is supportter for shared resources, not web space service provider)

Therefore, a static web page is the best.

It's good that the project web page has only links to communities. The project wishes the following;

  • Easy To Maintenance. When the project has to add a new community link to the page, we can do it easily.
  • Static HTML.
  • Feel the earth (our planet). XOOPS Cube is for all of the people, not a certain country, a certain people and a certain language.

...In a fact, these images came from international top page of game console makers --- Sony and Nintendo. The project has prepared an example top page. Why does the page use light-blue? Because the page is parody of Wii's international top page.

The topic to assign or discuss is here.

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Nuno Luciano said...

Hi Minahito,

I was busy checking and testing last improvements of XCL and didn't "see" this post. Never to late, i'm joining this task.

Best Regards,