Friday, June 15, 2007

I can NOT close items of mine

XOOPS Cube development is trying 'apposite' development rule in trackers. That is "a commiter who fixes the bug item can not close the item". For example, there is a bug item who is submitted by Bob. I, minahito fixed it. That time, I can change its resolution status to 'Fix'. But, I can not make it close. If another person confirms the fix by testing, the item can be closed.

This rule follows the cardinal rule of development. A programer believes himself and expect that he works successfully. So he doesn't check the fix enough. Therefore, it's best that another man checks his work. A such rule is used for also my office. It's a nice rule which is used for many development team.

However, the rule is not useful for all developments. Some OSS projects can not introduce the rule. To use the rule, the development needs a couple of active developers (technical contributor). In XOOPS Cube, I can contribute to test the items accepted to other committers. By my works, these items have been closed. But, I can not touch the items fixed by me.

Fixed & Opend items of mine in 2.1.1 are 15 items. XOOPS Cube tries whether the community (includes committers) can close all of these items under the rule. If we can not complete it, we should stop using the rule.

Well, to contribute testing, you may download 2.11 (2.1.1) RC or the snapshot, check the items and report it to the comment form of the item.

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