Thursday, June 14, 2007

Is the next version is 2.11 or 2.1.1?

I have submitted that the next version is 2.11, 22th May in forum, but any Japanese have not read it, so it became a little problem in only Japan 12th June (after 3 weeks...). Because the version number convention is important topic, we should discuss it again. The topic is here.

But, this time, it's problem that forum did not do its role. Now, we don't use development ML, there are all topics in the forum.

In this time, I thought that I had gotten agreements about 2.11 because this topic did not get any responses. I'm shocked strongly that discussions came late. If a such situation is allowed in every times and every countries, OSS project can not go forward. But, in this time, forum is not known well. And the topic is very important, it did not get any opinions about the numbering convention and the release is RC yet. Therefore, it is good that we begin discussions again.

I'm sorry. It may seem that we made an exception for Japanese people. We should never do it again. forums were not hot enough. This time was special and last.

Where may we check about XOOPS Cube Legacy?

At least, you should monitor two forums --- "Developers - Legacy" and "Open Discussion" by the monitor feature of

How may each community get file releases?

It's possible to monitor also file releases. If you set monitor, you get notification mails when the file release manager clicks NOTICE button. This feature is possible to tell all user who hope to get the latest release, so I think that the monitor is good for each community managers. Plus, RSS feed is good.

A committer can not post news alone in every countries and every communities. Because receives my poor English, I have posted release news. But, this process is NOT never-ending, because will be enhanced. Therefore, monitoring is the best way.

In addition, the project gives advices how to monitor. So you may read it once. (Plus, explains how to monitor projects in your mypage. You may read also it once)


Nuno Luciano said...

Yes. These issues can easily slow development.
Something new exist and the tools are in place to avoid misinformation and improve communication.

But people is not well informed or miss the news.

There should be a discussion about the final step for user interface and a visual plan too.

I'm thinking about the metro or city map and how it can be useful to find something, somewhere.

Maybe there's place for a plan of information, tools or services.

Thank you to make it clear and to provide such useful links.


minahito said...

The project will make the wiki public, so the community will get to explain how to monitor the project in each language. :D