Thursday, June 28, 2007

Progressed BuddhaLib 50%

BuddhaLib is the DirectX library having the same class group as Microsoft XNA. BuddhaLib is here. Sorry, all documents are written in Japanese... Since BuddhaLib will be completed, I will begin to write documents in English. However, how to use is like XNA, so you may be able to use BuddhaLib easily.

To develop BuddhaLib, I had to research XNA detail behavior. In this researching, I found that XNA may miss counts of calling components when a component is added or is removed from the collection. Perhaps, the collection iterator is just number counter. When a component is added before a lower component, the lower component is called two times in one update sequence. The cause may be that the number of components is shifted by adding a new component.

I will confirm it again. If it is sure, I will report it to Microsoft feedback.

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