Monday, July 9, 2007

Development Wiki is available and good spec. XOOPS Cube project began using it instead of Document Manager which is not able to handle multi-byte languages perfectly. Some documents in wiki have been moved to Wiki. And, the project is writing about open source style of XOOPS Cube project.

As you know, XOOPS Cube is simple open source and does NOT intend to get something by controling large communities. It's the most important thing to keep going forward by writing code, documents, reports, patches and translations. That is the origin of an open source project. The project wrote it by refering the development page of This document is meaning that 'developers' are not programmers but all of users who do action for XOOPS Cube.

I have a good news. can handle UTF-8 perfectly, so the XOOPS Cube Project wiki allows translated pages. When you try to translate some page to your mother languages, you should append ';lang' to the page title. For example;

"Get_Involved" -> "Get_Involved;fr"

In translated pages, guys may discuss in the current language and English. And, you may check whether the original page is changed, by the monitor system. For more informations, read "GET_Involved" which is updated sometimes.

When you think something about XOOPS Cube, we have a clear answer for it. "Do action!"

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