Sunday, June 4, 2006

Rapid Weaver 3.5 public beta 1

This home page is built by RapidWeaver. RapidWever is CMS as mac applications. Uses can write contents without stress and publish by one click only. It is not LAMP, but I was shocked from the concept of RapidWeaver.

It's difficult for collaboration because it's the desktop application. plural users can't create one content of RapidWeaver. But, if a user create his content in his home, it's very easy to use. I decided to develop some windows applications for XOOPS Cube when I met RapidWeaver. I thought that I had to develop PHP applications only because XOOPS Cube is PHP projects. But, desktop applications can be developed quickly than PHP. And it is easy to use than Web applications.

Web applications have AJAX. But, I don't think yet that AJAX is better than desktop applications.

The application for controlling web has not to implement XMLRPC. RapidWeaver handles FTP or SFTP directly. I had never thought such functions until I met RapidWeaver. You may think that the concept of RapidWeaver is like the concept of iWeb. But, RapidWeaver is earlier than iWeb.

Well, RapidWeaver 3.5 public beta 1 is available. This new version has good features. But, this version can't handle some themes of old versions. So I don't use new features. For example, I can use "permanent link" in this blog by new version. But, this theme can't display it well. Plus, permanent link pages don't show the sidebar. In other words, I can't display XOOPS Developers Ring links if I use new features of RapidWeaver 3.5.

However, other features are useful enough. I have already replaced 3.2 with 3.5. I use this for a while and report bugs if I meet troubles.

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