Saturday, June 3, 2006

Don't be afraid to absence modules in Cube

Legacy modules keep old bad code to work many X2JP modules. It is needs to protect sites of current users. But, I think that perfect compatibility isn't must. The reason is that most modules may have security holes and we can remake them easily.

You know main features of cubson since I wrote about cubson and extools the other day. Cubson generates the simple framework as the sub-class of XCube_ActionStrategy, and various classes that are called by the framework.

Cubson isn't completed yet. However since 0.42 version, it became able to make you experience the new development style of XOOPS. Give me your free time for 20 minutes for the experience in cubson. At first, use 15 minutes to install .NET Framework and ODBC. Then, use last 5 minutes to create simple modules.

At first, let's set up your local computer to run cubson. Read the installation guide in the entry of the other day.

Next, double-click the cubson icon on your desktop. Cubson users have to design database tables at first. But cubson contains some sample SQL files for tutorials. Therefore, you don't need to create tables at this time. So type the following on the cubson console.

cubson> make-tutorial announce

This command builds the directory of basic modules and adds SQL file and icon with following tutorial concept.

Next, install the module generated. Of course, you can still do nothing in this module. However the sample table has been created through install module. If there is tables, cubson can work well. Type the following on the cubson console.

cubson> wizard -a message

Some classes and templates has been generated for you. Access the control panel of this module. You can see the list, create new data and delete it. Yes, management tools of this module is completed. Next, let's create such functions in the public side.

cubson> wizard message

Some classes and templates are generated, too. You need to update the module to load these new templates to XOOPS Cube. Then, try to access "announce" module in the public side.

You need to adjust classes and templates of this module to complete it. But, basic functions has been built by just two steps. The code generated uses the maximum impact of new XOOPS Cube features. It's safety and easy to customize. Enjoy cubson!

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