Monday, June 5, 2006

Cubson First Step Guide (1)

We developed announcement module in tutorials of cubson. To learn cubson working, let's develop the same module without using tutorial generation.

Cubson can generate data-driven modules. So you need to prepare definitions of entities for data model before you run cubson. XML file is useful to define entities. But, it needs much time to write. I recommend to generate it from tables of the database. Cubson has abstract layer for XML and real database. So you can convert the database to XML, or use the database to generate codes directly.

In other words, cubson users usually start development from making database. The reason that you didn't need to create tables at first tutorial is that the make-tutorial command created SQL file for creating sample tables. In the tutorial, you have developed the announcement module by 2 steps. How you develop the same module without the make-tutorial command is good means to understand the procedure of cubson.

So let's start developing. In this case, you have to create tables in mysql directly. phpMyAdmin is useful to create tables. If you use XSAS or XAMPP, phpMyAdmin has been installed to your environment already. If you don't have it, download and install it until next time.

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