Thursday, June 1, 2006

Install cubson

Cubson is CUI tool that works on windows only. It needs installing .NET Framework 2.0 and ODBC Driver. You may have installed these environment if you develop with VisualStudio.NET. Plus, you should use local AMP servers for development. For example, it's XSAS, OXTS or XAMPP.

I start explaining the procedure of setup cubson. The following screenshots are hints and were captured in my computer. You should see those with replacing by your environment.

  1. Install XSAS or XAMPP
  2. Install XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1
  3. Install .NET Framework 2.0
  4. Install ODBC
  5. Install & setup MySQL ODBC Driver
  6. Set the environment variable XOOPS_ROOT_PATH
  7. Install cubson

Use Windows 2000 or the later as your OS. If you use Windows XP, there is no problem.

Install XSAS

Because cubson is client applications for development, you have to install local AMP servers. XSAS is the most famous AMP server in XOOPS. OXTS is better than XSAS, but you may have to learn Japanese for asking to the author. XAMPP is the most major AMP server in the world. Of course, you can use it. And, there is xaio that is built by OCEAN-NET.

Install XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1

Check out 2.1 branch of XOOPS Cube from CVS. Or, install XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1 Alpha3.

Install .NET Framework 2.0

You have to install .NET Framework 2.0 because cubson contains C# 2.0 features. If you have installed .NET Framework 1.0, it can't run cubson. If you use languages except English and the language package is offered, download it. Therefore, you should search Runtime in the microsoft's site that is written in your mother language. If the package of your mother language exists, the link to that may be written to the download page.

But, you may need no language packages, because the language package is used mainly to the display of exception errors. Usually you don't see it.

Install .NET ODBC Data Provider

Cubson gets informations of entities from the database. So ODBC is must for connecting with the database. I don't use mysql libraries to trigger no discussions about GPL (cubson will come to have BSD or X11 as his licence). ODBC abstracts the type of database. In the future, you will can also use postgreSQL for cubson.

Download ODBC Data Provider and the latest MDAC from here. You will look at the link to MDAC in that page. Next, install them.

Install MySQL ODBC Driver

ODBC doesn't depend on any databases. Therefore, you need to install ODBC Driver of your database that ODBC can accept. Get MySQL ODBC Driver (Windows edition) from here. MSI package is easy to install. Select "typical" at install wizard.

Run MySQL (XSAS or other) of your local machine to start setting ODBC. Double-click "management tool" in the control panel.

(This screenshot is the example of windows 2000 and Japanese. If you can capture screenshots in English, give me please)

Double-click "Data Source(ODBC)".

Press "User DSN" tab or "System DSN" tab, and push "Add" button.

Select MySQL ODBC Driver you installed from the data source.

Setup to access your target database by the data source name "xcube".

Set the environment variable XOOPS_ROOT_PATH

Set the root path of XOOPS Cube to the environment variable "XOOPS_ROOT_PATH". The control panel is good to set user's environment variables. You may need to re-login or re-start to activate the environment variable.

Install cubson

Download the latest cubson from the download page of this site. And, install it. If you has installed the older version, uninstall it before you start installing new version. You should do it always when you update cubson.

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