Wednesday, May 31, 2006

cubson VS extools

I have just finished making cubson that can be used in English. I will check some features, put it to the download page and start writing documents. Cubson might become one of good tools that support module developers. Cubson has been used to develop Legacy module group of XC 2.1. Framework programing codes that you can see in XC 2.1 was generated by cubson.

Cubson is founded on the ultimate sacrifices that are called exFrame and extools. exFrame has easy components and simple framework like mojavi2 for XOOPS2. And, I developed code generator extools because nobody except Ryuji was interested in exFrame. extools has been useful for some developments. But, it isn't best.

I have developed cubson with the reflection about exFrame and extools. Firstly cubson makes the simple framework that is the subclass of ActionFrame explained yesterday. Then, he makes various classes that the simple framework can accept, from the database.

See the difference:

The concept

* Cubson generates in-line codes instead of the subclass of components.
* extools generates the subclass of components that is called exComponent.

Base classes

* In the case of cubson, base classes for the simple framework are created in each modules. Therefore, many code clones are there. It's good to customize for modules.
* In the case of extools, base classes are contained to exFrame. It's good to customize for sites.


* In the case of cubson, developers can't use many libraries like exFrame, but they can use some smart classes that were made in XOOPS Cube project.
* In the case of extools, developers can use many fatty libraries of exFrame.


* The code generated by cubson uses XoopsSimpleObject and XoopsObjectGenericHandler. As you know, these classes are better than XoopsObject and type safety.
* The code generated by extools use exXoopsObject and exXoopsObjectHandler. These classes are only fatty than XoopsObject. And, they aren't type safety.


* The code generated by cubson uses XCube_ActionForm and XCube_Validator. These classes have been tidied well.
* The code generated by extools uses exActionForm. exActionForm is ultimate sacrifice for XCube_ActionForm.


* Cubson build templates without XoopsForm and components. Designers can change them easily.
* Extools build templates as component stabilizer. It is difficult to change.

Sync tools

* Cubson users can automatically call some commands at one time. For example, if one command requests a message catalog, other command accepts it.
* Extools users can't call plural commands at one time.

Programing Language

* Cubson is the part of extoolsD.dll. It is written in C# for GUI edition. Cubson is the CUI frontend at extoolsD projects. C# isn't PHP. But, it is easy to use for PHP programers.
* extools is PHP programs. PHP programers can customize it easily.


* Cubson is XOOPS Cube 2.1 only.
* exFrame and extools are some XOOPS.

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