Friday, June 30, 2006

I'm a GTD beginner (2)

Step1 "Collection"

"this is the most important step at GTD first trial. you have to do it for 1 hour"

1 hour!? I didn't want to do anything about my job in my home because I was very tired yesterday. So I did this first step at today's lunch time.

"Write down your tasks on A4 papers (least 5 pages). You may open your datebook and your PDA for writing"

I wrote all tasks for 1.5 hour. I had continued doing GTD after the lunch time was closed. Next step:

"Categorize written tasks with the special flow chart"

It was the most hardest work in today's experience. I had to use more 3 hours to do it. Then, it became possible to erase all tasks in my brain, maybe. Truth is that I can't understand whether I got the successful of GTD. But, there was one happy thing. That is there were many tasks which I can do at 2 minutes. GTD said that you should do such tasks soon. Since I did such tasks, most tasks were completed. In other words, I had a lot of easy tasks.

GTD may be the procedure for completing all of easy tasks soon. My challenge is to be continued!

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