Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm a GTD beginner (1)

GTD becames famous in Japan also. Great workers in Japan have been paying notice to GTD since early times. But, I have never looked at it. Ryuji and other friends who have already introduced GTD, told me that it's very good. They are a pioneer.

I gave up soon. The introduction guidance of GTD was difficult for me. I had resolved to forget GTD, until guidance in Japanese will appear. In fact, ABC book of GTD in Japanese had been, which is the Japanese edition of "Getting Things Done : The Art of Stress-Free Productivity". But, I have been spending my money to watch baseball.

While I had been cheering for Carp with beers, great pioneers had been translating and writing documents. Now, I can get the introduction guidance of GTD in Japanese in some sites. In particular, articles in IT media which is famous e-magazine, are easy to read and very useful. GTD beginners like me may read these articles to get cracking.

It's often said that GTD is good for knowledge workers. But, I don't know whether a programmer in Japan is knowledge worker.

Ryuji said that GTD is liberator. Really? The article of IT media said that GTD is a matter of common knowledge among knowledge workers in Europe and the United States. Really?

I'll try it and report.

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