Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I was surprised by the news that Microsoft tries to add DirectPhysics to DirectX. About that news, there is rumor that DirectX will support AGEIA PhysX. If these plan will come true, DirectX will become more excellent for business programing as well as hobby programing.

DirectX is the compositive library to multimedia, and very larger than OpenGL. That is known as the graphic technology of Windows Vista. But, that's not to say that Microsoft stop developing DirectX as a game library. Many developers have deemed that OpenGL is the winner at the next generation game graphics API. Why is the following:
  • OpenGL 2.0 has been released -- OpenGL 2.0 has got back the latest graphic technology.
  • PS3 uses OpenGL/ES 2.0 as its graphics API.
DirectX is rich but limited usage. That's windows family only. And so, most game developers don't want to learn the library that is platform-dependent. I think that they display a cool attitude toward DirectX. DirectX already has included DirectInput, DirectSound, DirectShow and DirectPlay(P2P). But, these libraries haven't been used necessarily. Also, I have never seen the use of these libraries outside of guide books.

But, Microsoft is perfectly serious about developing powerful video game library. DirectPhysics is surprise, which excites us.

I think that most developers will not use the next version also. Many developer can't suffer that the huge library is platform-dependent. Even if the library is very useful, they want to be around that. But, these libraries is very good for hobby programing.

In that regard, OpenGL doesn't plan to include other than graphics API. OpenGL is simple for graphic developments. And, DirectX is rich for vide game developments.

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