Saturday, July 1, 2006

Exciting game! Carp vs Dragons

Today's game of Carp VS Dragons was ding-dong struggle and very exciting. Tom_G3X who is a member of the XOOPS Cube team, had invited me to these games in Nagoya. But, I could not take this weekend off, because my works are very busy. Tom_G3X is the supporter of Chunichi Dragons.

Carp has a lot of games that fight between one point difference, recently. There were such nine games in recently 11 days. Supporters of Carp may need to take a stomach powder for watching games.

Today's game was very exciting as well as yesterday's game which Carp played to a draw. Both team were good. And, Carp won. Because Tom_G3X went to the stadium to watch this game, he had to watch the defeat of Dragons. But, I think that this game was very exciting for supporters of Dragons also. I had wanted to watch the game together.

And now, supporters of Carp who live in Tokyo, can go to watch a lot of games this month.
  • Yokohama 14, Fri
  • Yokohama 15, Sat
  • Jingu 16, Sun
  • Jingu 17, Mon (holiday)
  • Jingu 18, Tue
  • Jingu 19, Wen
  • Jingu 21, Fri (ALL STAR GAME)
  • Tokyo Dome 25, Tue
  • Tokyo Dome 26, Wen
  • Tokyo Dome 27, Thu
Add these event days to your calendar.

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