Thursday, May 18, 2006

Add on EIJIRO into Zaurus

Zaurus SL-C3100 is not useful as PIM. Especially the calendar application of Zaurus is the challenge to human. It is like web calendar. I can't move and modify my schedule directly on the calendar. Drag & drop is not supported. For modifying, I have to tap the schedule item by stylus pen and open the edit form. When I need to adjust my schedule, I tap many times. And, I can't look at the subject of the schedule on the weekly schedule graph. I can see a bar chart only. I have to tap again to look at the content...

But, SL-C3100 is good as an electronic dictionary because it can store large files to the micro hard-disk drive. A default electronic dictionary application of Zaurus supports EPWING format. We can add on every electronic dictionary that can be converted to EPWING format. If your Zaurus does not have a hard disk, you can compress a dictionary file.

I added on EIJIRO that is the English dictionary into my Zaurus the other day. The procedures for it are the following:

  1. Buy EIJIRO CD-ROM v2, and insert it to your PC
  2. Download EBStudio freeware edition
  3. Run EBStudio, and open eijiro-all.ebs
  4. Specify your CD-ROM drive as the base directory
  5. Click 'Execute' icon
  6. Make "eijiro" directory in /dict2 on Zaurus, and copy generated files to /dict2/eijiro
  7. Open the configuration form of the dictionary application of Zaurus, and add on EIJIRO

I can't write any entry without EIJIRO. By EIJIRO in Zaurus, I came able to write my blog while commuting on a train.


I wrote this entry with the circumstances of Japan. f your Zaurus isn't made in Japan, it may be impossible.

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