Friday, May 19, 2006

3 windows applications for XOOPS Cube environment

I'm developing some windows applications for XOOPS Cube environment.

For Development

I'll release cuboson and cubson GUI Force. Cubson GUI Force is GUI edition of cubson. It realizes new module development style I think. Cubson CUI is made for programers who enjoy programming. But, Cubson GUI is a toy for everybody who want to enjoy XOOPS Cube.

Cubson GUI Force will become what I have wanted to very much for a long time. But it isn't enough. I hope the ideal CMS that is designed for RAD. I'll write about it next time.

Cubson is close source now because it uses special DLL. I already removed it from the latest source code of cubson. But, it isn't complete to compile yet.

For Destribution

Distributer is new important existence of XOOPS Cube. It is a kind of user groups. They publish the original package that consists of one base module and some modules they hope. They will become the heart of users.

A special tool is must to make the package automaticly for them. And, it should be GUI tool. If the tool that they can make the package by mouse only is no there, distributer group will not show up.

For Management

The means to automatic updating is often checked up. One of them is like PEAR. It's good and will be made by somebody. The means I think is automatic maintenance application that get the latest program and put it to user's server by using FTP protocol directly. Such application is handy for beginner because the setting about permission in the server isn't must. Of course, the goal of this application is GUI and mouse only.

All of modules and themes will come to have the manifesto whose name is package.ini.php, to show the own information to such applications. Themes already have the manifesto. But the format of the manifesto isn't fixed yet.

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