Wednesday, May 17, 2006

1 File Hacking (2)

What are the difference of 1 File Hacking and Module? For example, your site is a house. What are Module, 1 File Hacking and others?

  • Core is a land.
  • Module is a post.
  • 1 File Hackng is a decoration.
  • (Distribution is the model house)

Module has a excellent concept. But, it's large work. Most users don't try to make a module for customizing site even if they can program. Meanwhile they will take up 1 File Hacking because it is light weight and brings the detail of customizing. And, a user will have no problem to make 1 File Hacking for only him. (Of course, he can share it)

1 File Hanking may change the use of XOOPS. The procedure of installing XOOPS Cube will become like the following:
  1. Download the distribution package from your favorite distributer.
  2. Install the body of XOOPS Cube and the package.
  3. Install moules you hope.
  4. Install 1 File Hacking you hope and tune up. Or create your 1 File Hacking and publish it.

I expect that 1 File Hacking replace the most of Direct Hackings that makes version-up difficult. Site owners will get new topic in their forum about 1 File Hacking.

Delegate mechanism of XOOPS Cube can exercise all possibilities of Preload. In Open-Source-Confrerence 2006 Spring, Nobunobu showed the demo that changes the work of textsanitizer about bbcode by only 1 file. It used Delegate mechanism. Of course, it's no problem even if 1 File Hacking doesn't use Delegate. I'll explain Delegate in the near future.

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