Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Report of XOOPS Cube study session #1

Mr. halt who is one of the most popular PHP programers in Japan and a cool guy hosted XOOPS Cube study session #1 for beginners who want to know summary of XOOPS Cube. I and Ryuji went to this event to help his session and got problems of the project for beginners.

  • Many Japanese users recognize as the official XOOPS Cube site.
  • They don't know, XUGJ and others. A top page rank of Google is an official site for them.
  • ABS Books are not there. So users have to research all in the net. But, they know only
  • They don't know other sites that have enough informations and support forum like usadeki and XUGJ. doesn't informations how to install and how to use XOOPS Cube. They lose their way.
  • Install Wizard may be a long sequence and requests high skill about server control. We should check whether Install Manual under the doc directory is easy to read.
  • Beginners may not know the existence of Install Manual. We should prepare a guidance how to install. But, will not have such a document that is useful for users. Ummm.
  • Beginners don't know a develop style of the project and its stance. I needed to explain those directly to users. Wiki of the project has the page about those, but users don't have a way to reach the page.

The study session gave very important informations to us. I hope that study session #2 will be hosted.

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