Monday, May 26, 2008

Important XOOPS Users for me

Many citizens, students, hobbyist and so on in Japan are using XOOPS2 now. In addition, some CG web sites and game developer sites are using X2. That's a happy situation and an important motivation of me. I hope that they will migrate from X2 to XCL or new XOOPS Cube Base. But if they will stop using XOOPS series, I will be sad.

The following sites are very important XOOPS2 site for me.

Game*Spark Japan
Game*Spark is one of the most famous game fun sites on the world. And, Game*Spark Japan uses XOOPS2. I have to make XCL and next BASE as the attractive web application for Game*Spark. is a Japanese support site of blender that is a free software 3D tool. I am one of blender users. So I hope that they continue using XOOPS and will migrate to XCL or next BASE. If they choose other ways, I will feel down. Of course, I will keep efforts so that they will choose our application.

Modo community site
Modo Japanese users forum uses XOOPS2. Modo is a next generation 3D tool that is called a successor of LightWave3D. And, argon who is a member of XOOPS Cube community and a designer of Hoda-juku Distribution is a hot user of Modo. So I and he hope that Modo will not change their system from XOOPS2. is a famous site that explains techniques of the programable shader. Of course, the site is one of my favorite sites. Please keep using XOOPS series.

IDGA Japan
IDGA Japan Chapter is Japan branch of International Digital Game Association and uses XOOPS2. There are a blog, an event calender (piCal) and an event entry system. I have been using the entry system to go to study sessions of IDGA many times. If they will migrate to other systems, they should request me to migrate the site to XCL or next Base.;)

XSI Dojo
XSI Dojo is a very famous Softimage XSI user site. The site explains how to use XSI well. And, I have met the owner of XSI Dojo at XOOPS Cube study session #1. I requested him to keep his site by XOOPS series. Of course, I am a user of XSI Mod Tool that is Free Edition of XSI that is very high price! So if XSI Dojo stops using XOOPS, I will surely feel down.

Studio MoMo
Studio MoMo is the biggest CG creator community of Japan nad has very long history. The site had migrated from an original system to XOOPS2, some years ago (before XOOPS Cube fork). It gave many users (include me) a shock. But, XOOPS might be best solution for user community. I will develop a special module for CG sites.

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