Monday, April 14, 2008

Parallel programming for multi-core CPU

I've finished reading this book. The book is sold in only Japanese, is written by FIXSTARS that is famous company about CELL programming, and explains how to start parallel programming with pthread and Wind32 thread API for the beginner. A little explanation about OpenMP and CELL is at the back of the book.

The book teaches data parallel, task parallel and pipe-line parallel to us though sample source code. Even if you have forgotten about pthread, you can recollect all. But, because Mac OS X doesn't implement sem_init(), it is impossible to practice a sample program about semaphore. However, these days, condition variable of pthread is used instead of semaphore, so that's no problem.

This book is sold in only Japan. In addition, the world have many books that may be better than this book. But, I tried to write this entry to keep same content of my two blog if at all possible.

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herbs said...

This includes :
Elements of parallel programming and multi-threading
Programming with threading APIs
OpenMP*: The portable solution
Solutions to common parallel programming problems
Debugging and testing multi-threaded applications