Saturday, March 22, 2008

PowerPC Personal Computer

All major game consoles take PowerPC class. There are many special technics to write high-performance code on PowerPC. In holidays, we were able to try it with ApplePC, but that's old story. Because ApplePC changed from PowerPC to Intel, there are not reasonable PCs to practice in PowerPC programing at home now. How can I try PowerPC and multi-core programing in home?

There are old mac mini, latest iMac and PLAYSTATION3 in my home.

My old mac-mini is not multi core, but that's valuable for me, because the mac-mini is small, light and good to enjoy PowerPC programing.

The current my PC, iMac is dual core and good to practice in multi-core programing. However, intel core duo is not taken by major game consoles. Therefore, I can practice in pure multi-core programing, but that's not useful directly for my job.

PLAYSTATION3 may be useful. It's possible to install Linux and practice in heterogeneous muliti-core programing. Of course, heavy linux environment is inconvenient to program, than PS3 SDK, but there is no chose, because standard PCs don't have heterogeneous multi-core. Fortunately, we can get all of tool-chain of PS3 except specialized libraries like SPURS.

PowerPC multi-core PCs like Power Mac G5 are valuable very much in retrospect.

Working hours are not enough to research multi-core programing. I should have researched more in R&D status. Now, our team had completed R&D and began developing a product. That's good. But, I want time for more trial and error. My PCs are valuable a little for that.

Many expert developers got ways in multi-core parallel processing in games. I don't arrive at such stages, yet.

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