Thursday, March 20, 2008

Let's test 2.1.4 RC

2.1.4 RC is available! RC is "Release Candidate". That is meaning "test, please" edition. "Test" is most important for QA. Like coder, testers are volunteer in XOOPS Cube.

All volunteers live a civil life, so there is not long free time for volunteer activity. If you keep free time per day from 30 minutes to 1 hour, that's unenough but very good!

Corders pass all of their free time for coding, so they can not test all things with all environments. But that's no problem, because there are many volunteers for testing in community. All of citizen's open source projects has the same situation. But, there are many volunteers for tester like corders in community, so that's no problem.

Test needs man powers. Forum and each local community are effective for test. You may share a result of your test by writing like the following:

> No problem. It seems that my using modules are green.
> Apache :
> MySQL :
> PHP : 5.1.2
> Module : Protector, Pico and...

Testers are a staff. The project has to add testers' name to CHANGELOG and release notes. I can't read most languages, so if you are webmaster in a local support community, please write reporters' name on froum. Of course, if there are bug reports, write those and reporter's name on the bug tracker.

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