Friday, November 2, 2007

Screw Up Your Career Change to・・・

The reason why I often introduce's articles is that those articles are very interesting, written in easy English and brings discovery to you, even if you don't relate to AI.

"Screw Up Your Career Change to Game AI Programming in 7 Easy Steps" is written by Ironic. In other words, "what you should avoid is what you should do in fact".

I think this is very interesting approach. If you have some wishes, it's good idea that you try writing articles like those. Those ironic articles might be useful for self-check. Let's say that you want to change your career to AI programmers. You may not come true your dream as far as you complete most of 7 steps.

It's difficult to define what we should do, for our goals. But, it's easy to define escape routes from the goals.

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