Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Project Gotham Racing 4

Video: PGR4 my play video 1

Project Gotham Racing 4 (PGR4) is the race game that has interesting game system. You don't need to get first, but you have to get 'Kudos' that is a kind of score indicating how you drive a car cool. Car behavior is not real as well as GTR and FM2 (Forza Motorsport 2). Instead you can control DRIFT easily.

PGR4 has two new features for PGS3.


This is the interesting feature. PGS3 is car race game, but PGS4 add motorcycles to us. Perhaps that is the reason why many gamers bought PGS4.

Developers tweaked their game balance very well, so motorcycles and super cars have the same condition, on a race. PGS4 has the Live Monitor feature that we can watch other online play through the net. In that, many 'motorcycle' players enjoy racing.

Gamers welcome this feature. 'Motorcycle' is success for game developers!

Dynamic Weather

I'm a programer, so this feature is more interesting than 'Motorcycle'. PGS4 has really excellent game graphics. You will see various weathers --- cloudy sky, rain and snow. In addition, PGS4 can change 'weather' while a race. That's really interesting!

To perhaps present this feature well, the world of PGS4 is not clear weather often. :D Or, PGS4 may represent the broken earth and 'Environmental Destruction'.

Anyway, Dynamic Weather is a good practice for shader. But most programers don't get a chance to implement this.


Courses are famous towns --- London, Paris, Shanghai, Vegus and Shinjuku. The following video is replay in Shinjuku, Japan:

Video: PGR4 my play video 2

(This video contains Dynamic Wheather & Motorcycle.)

Perfect! What you watched is 'just' Shinjuku that I often go to. Developers did their best to present towns!

2.0 Feature!?

Review and Sharing become common features for games. PGS4 provides these features.

Review: you can get other players' screenshot & live replay, and can vote them. Screenshot is downloaded automatically to your garage. In live replay, you may add 'Tag' to these films.

Sharing: You upload your screenshot & your replay, and share them through the net --- Xbox live.

'Tag' may be new feature for games.

Car collection

It's really long road to collect cars in such car games. However, in PGR4, you can get a number of cars by 1 unlock. That is quickly system. It makes game speedy.

If you like car games, maybe you're playing the plural car games. Do you challenge to get all cars, in all games? PGR4 make your challenge easy a little. So I think that's kindly system.


I research many games, but I buy car games to enjoy myself. PGR4 is good as well as FM2.

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