Saturday, November 24, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

22th Nov 2007, Medal of Honor Airbone Japanese edition was released in Xbox 360. That day, after I finished my work, I went to a video game shop. And, I bought "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" instead of Medal of Honor Airbone that is one of the best FPS in this year. Why?

I wanted to know how EA developed a school life game, because I have failed at developing a such game. The advance reviews of this game are not good. But, I thought this game has what I should see, whether it is success or failure. And, this bad game fully lived up to those advance reviews.

This game is a standard 3D adventure game. In Japan, this game is like Shenmue. Japanese did not understand what Shenmue is interesting. I am one of them. Shenmue was received recognition in U.S., and GTA was born by referencing Shenmue. (I think that GTA developers paid a compliment to Japanese. They developed GTA themselves.)

Video: Harry Potter my play video 1

Other students live in Hogwart, but they are controlled by foolish AI and don't have human being behavior. In addition, most of them hates Harry because this game follows the movie story. So talking with them is "screaming match".

But, Hogwart is filled by interesting gimmicks, so I enjoyed traveling the world a little bit. If this game's world is a standard school like your university, I smashed this DVD-ROM by a hammer. Hogwart is not a standard school for Japanese and perhaps you. That's large and interesting. Developers hide Load Waiting, so we can travel Hogwart without waiting.

Video: Harry Potter my play video 2 : Interesting Magics

Unfortunately, it's impossible to get in Quidditch. Instead it's possible to play Chess. However, I don't know how to play Chess. I know Shogi (Japanese Chess), so I wish that Hogwarts will import Shogi.

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Nuno Luciano said...

Wow... No Medal of Honor? Vertigo?

I think most cultures share spirits and magics. Harry Potter is based on ancient celtic believes and his universe a traditional british environment. I don't have statistics, but I would say that Prince of Persia and Lara Croft are a lot more popular and played by Latin people...

By the way nice videos!

If you ever fail as game developer, and i don't wish you that, you can always write good critics to special game magazine ^^

But i'm sure you'll be successful whatever you do with passion!