Monday, October 22, 2007

XOOPS Cube Developers Meeting #1 and others

XOOPS Cube Developers Meeting #1

This event will be held in Tokyo at next Sunday. It gathers active volunteers for exchange of informations. And we will assign to tasks for documents. Japanese developers' network was broken once, because some volunteers were extinguished. That's sad situation of XOOPS Cube development, even if XOOPS Cube is developed in the international space. The purpose of the event is re-ignitions.

If you have messages or questions, leave those to the comment form. I will tell those to the floor.

IDGA Japan AI Seminar #5

I will go to this Seminar at Saturday. Game AI is the core interactivity of some game categories. This conference is fifth of the conference series of this year. The AI of the conference's topic learns strategy and grow itself. That's interesting!

Plus, this seminar will be held in Fromsoftware, which is one of the most famous game development company in Japan.

Xbox 360 price down!

Microsoft cuts Europe Xbox price. No! I have a friend who bought Xbox these days. ・・・But, he enjoyed playing Halo3 early! (^^;

It seems that PS3 is effortful, but Xbox is the best platform now. For the near term, my PS3 is used as BD player, whereas there are NOT good movies in BD.

BTW, Microsoft sells the HD-DVD external drive. The drive will bring TRANSFORMER to me this winter.

(I work, to play)

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Nuno Luciano said...

It was really great to play again (lack of time for a long period)

Halo 3 was an amazing experience after all that time. I've installed XBox and i play all night!

So, there's a lot of interesting events in Japan. That's really good.

I hope developers will agree to share code and improve interoperability. Also make possible to connect XCL to the world to use and share web services.

TechCrunch is reporting that Flickr and Picnik have an agreement. Users will be able to get an image editor that they ask for long.

I wish everybody understand that synergy will help all to evolve faster and better.

Have Fun !