Wednesday, October 24, 2007

BattleField 2 ModernCombat

BattleField 2 ModernCombat (BF2MC) is FPS optimized to home game console --- PS2 and Xbox 360 ---, and is different from BattleField 2 PC edition. You may think that BF2MC is a branch of BF2.

Because BF2MC is very simple game design, many users love this game. My game friends play BF2MC every night. This game doesn't provide enough single mode like Halo3. But, there is good multi-play. BattleField series is called "a multi-play game".

Why is BF2MC simple? Because BF2MC has easy weapon system. Most FPS provides many jobs and many weapons. And, gamers enjoy using 100% of them. But, that's complex. BF2MC provides only five jobs. A job equips five weapons. Players can change own job but can not change a weapon. Therefore, you don't need to plan a combination of weapons.

Video: Battle Field 2 Modern Combat my play video

0:00 – Single Play
3:10 – Multi Play

Single-play mode is poor and not core of this game. You may think this game mode is "extra". Single-play mode has many stages but that's legacy FPS by poor Game AI. One of interesting system in Single-play mode is HOT-SWAP. Players can change the current control soldier anytime.

Multi-play is good and the core of this game. Every map is exciting, but some maps is especially popular. BF2MC is not new game, but many many gamers connect to Xbox LIVE for BF2MC multi-play.

I am a member of a clan, in BF2MC. A clan is a group for a kind of multi-play. We can play by auto match making and clan match. Clan match is a big enjoyment of this game.

Well, I played BF2MC to get the following video. But, because I played this game after long absence, I was poor in the game. Deadful play・・・. :(

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Nuno Luciano said...

I played often with my brother, cousins and friends. Then I had a long period without being able to play, lack of time. Certain ps2 games remained in their original packing for a long period : Medal of Honor, Strike Force, Prince of Persia, Onimusha or Shadow of Rome.
I still have some pc games alike BattleField 2. Maybe I'll give it a try on Xbox just after Halo3. I'm still need some training to go on live!