Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Is a main programer bottleneck?

What electric title! This is a title of the session in CEDEC 2007.

This session gave interesting hints. The thing OSS should do is not keeping authority (self-presevation), but developing software. To a such purpose, the session presented the important conclusion. OSS may refer the conclusion very much.

Like eating endless meals
The session said; A main programer has certainly higher skills and higher speed than those of company workers. So a main programer has to concentrate on writing programs, not do others. PolygonMagic which spoke in the session bans main programers from the following tasks:
  • The "eternal" teller to data.
  • Manage the build.
  • Director to release.
  • Update library, driver and hardware.
  • Update In-House Tools.
  • And more.
In other words, "A main programer has the most skill, so make him work on code more and more!". It's wastefulness that the brilliant programer performs odd jobs which are able to be executed forward by anyone. Code! Code! Code! A main programer has to consider about only code, has to work on only code, and has to fight with only code! Much, Speedy, Powerful, Excellently and Certainly.

Here is an interesting allegorical story. "Wankosoba" is a kind of Soba. Waiters keep bringing Soba until we give up. That's endless meals. A main programer should only keep eating Wankosoba, not prepare Wankosoba and Japanese teas.


Discussion: "This" is in XOOPS Cube
That's simple strategy known as "Agile software development", but is difficult way. If someone takes a lead as the main worker, he has to treat many many things. Since XOOPS Cube was forked, I was shocked to have to receive amazing various tasks. Unluckily, most members who were listed on "Core Team" didn't share tasks and didn't have good team play, because they were in each circumstances --- but I don't know a detail of them. Anyway it means that "Team System" is unhappy concept for everybody.

But, now, we're in new freedom concept without bloody team system. Contributors can do anything to the project. By that, program contributors may be able to concentrate into programing. When we consider about this agenda "Is a main programer bottleneck?", we'll get the powerful development. The XOOPS Cube community has many powerful programers!

Now what?
That said, the OSS project can't put in practice. Because we aren't employees of the project, programers have to do some odd jobs. Non-tech contributors can not steal all of odd jobs from programers.

But, this agenda is worth for us. We'll discuss it in the XOOPS Cube Developer Meeting.


Nuno Luciano said...

Since we have in place, XOOPS Cube, a true open source philosophy and a freedom concept, the community may need some time to feel comfortable to interact and assume responsabilities. Also because it is completely opposed to other projects or everyday life where most people have always somebody telling them what to do.

We are concerned because we adopt it, and we'll see in near future, more people react to be fix what is broken, add what is missing, and remove what is not needed.

If one evolves, it will make others to evolve too!

minahito said...

As you said, the XOOPS Cube community needs the cornerstone as the guideline, to know what freedom brings. I think the cornerstone is ideal developers and ideal contributors who don't want to get authority. I may be able to give some an effect to Japanese developers of the XOOPS Cube community, but because Japanese people often put benefits before anything, I can't believe them well in the open source community. I'm going to think about only progress with hot contributors, in the XOOPS Cube Developers Meeting.

If some Japanese people want to think about only benefits in the open source world, they can do it without us. We're surely one of Japanese, but we don't have duty to think about benefits.

Expect us!

Nuno Luciano said...

Not only Japanese people put benefits before anything. I still thinking there's a global capitalist system with common rules made by a few technocrats which goal is to disrespect such rules.

It made me remember the announcement of japanese minister in 1995 and a few years later Elron, and many other scandals of lost funds. Alike the japan the disappearing pension accounts...

For sure, a collective subconscious issue. (ie. Carl Jung). And a true challenge to change people mind and make them join efforts and work together on a global capitalist system with a culture of individualism and competition that divides to better reign.

XCL has no Foundation nor technocrats that will disappear with your investment and collaborative work.
It is Secure!

XCL it's a a simple and clean environment with a direct relationship to everyone and everything.
It is Simple!

XCL it is about you and me, and everyone else joining efforts to create a synergy that surpass your own capabilities and expectations.
It is Scalable !

Bonus : We Have Fun For Free!