Friday, October 19, 2007


HALO3 is an ace title of Xbox 360 and is known as the best FPS in game consoles. I have played this title many times. Very good! Very exciting! You may buy Xbox 360 to play only Halo3. There are excellent graphics, great story, very smart Game AI and exciting online.

Single Play

I think Game AI is one of best features of Halo3. Halo3's Game AI is certainly improvement from Halo2, which developers spoke about Halo2's Game AI in GDC.

Video: Halo3 my play video : stage 1 top view

Enemies' behavior is smart and is governed by a leader of a group, to shoot you. They use landform well to hide them from your shoot. Their behavior is smart, not mechanical. It's good idea to confuse enemies, because their responses are same as human beings. You have to play single mode as well as online mode.

Levels are very good. In single mode, enemies keep good points of landform to hide and shoot. But you may look at best point for counter attack.

Theater and Forge

Theater and Forge are really excellent. Many many users think these features are really excellent, and enjoy these every night. Implementing Forge means that users have great creativity, like MOD. These features will become common features of most games since now. FPS users (and gamers) like both of playing and creating. I think these two factors are the origin of playing. People create game rule and play it. That's human being's history. Card game and other traditional games indicate this theory.

In Halo3, we create new rule by Forge and share it in the net. Yes, in Halo3, you can share your replay, your screenshot and your Forge data with other players. Such features become common features these days.


This is the best game of the year. And you can enjoy this for a long long time. Even if your wife keep a close grip on your purse, you can enjoy a game for 3 years and greater by only Halo3 if you got Xbox and Halo.


Nuno Luciano said...

I still training, repeating and wit, but it is difficult to defeat such AI.

First i thought - ok, it was made by a human spirit, so there's nothing that my spirit can't face.

I was shooted at the same point twice, I decide to change my strategy but i was shooted again.

Wow these little creatures evolve!? As i feel emotional involved when i'm virtually shooted, and to avoid any doubt, I'll give one more try later. ^^

P.S. As you are more experimented, any tip, trick is welcome!

minahito said...

The covenant (enemy) has MOTION TRACKER same as yours. That is a kind of leader and traces your movement when you run. So when you walk with pushing Left-Stick, the MOTION TRACKER can not trace you. And, it's important to hide your body by landform.

Enemies use their sight and the MOTION TRACKER leader. Even if you are running with hiding your body, enemy's AI can trace your movement by MOTION TRACKER.

Yesterday, I played HALO3 with the special difficult option: Enemies can look at you always. It's more difficult. Therefore, in standard play, I think enemies don't cheat.

Nuno Luciano said...

I'll pay attention to motion tracker.
How do you manage weapons? It happen that i found my self looking around for munitions or hand-fight.