Thursday, June 7, 2007

STOP leave installer in your server

GIJOE said about 'installer attack'. The X2 installer is very helpful, but that's danger for some of beginners. Some of beginners leave installer in their server, when they fail installing. And they post a question with their URL in XOOPS community... Heads up!

For this problem, some complex solutions had been submitted, which are 'Basic-Auth forcement', 'Password-lock forcement' and etc. But, most users can use installer safety. So I did not want to add halfway forcement to the installer. In addition, there are many tasks of mine, so I don't use much time to mini parts of Legacy, now...

(Of cource, Legacy always welcomes patches)

Instant solution is that we add a text message as warning to the installer. It's possible to implement in 2.11. But, I don't know what a message I should write. Ayumi is away on business...

If you have an idea, comment it here, please.

BTW, if the installer is left, default setting of Legacy blocks starting. But, X2 doesn't do it. Anyway, check whether you have left the installer in your server.

I'm sorry that I can not reply many mails --- because I'm very busy now. :(

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