Monday, June 11, 2007

Let's close opened-items!

Many contributers are reporting bugs to the tracker. Great! Comitters have tried fixing some of them. But, most fixed-items are keeping open-status. Why? In a fact, fixed item can not become 'closed' without third person's confirming. Yes, these items need your helps! Download the snapshot edition, and check whether the fixed-bug is really fixed. After that, you may report the result as comments to the item in trackers.

However, if you are not good at technology, no need to push. Because the XOOPS Cube world has many things that you can contribute!

BTW,'s looks is not good for end-users. But, does its best for free and permanence. So I hope that you challenge to leap language barrier and bad design. That's really a kind of contributions. And, such "challenges" are wholesome!

I'm learning English for XOOPS Cube. By that, my life became better! Passions enhance XOOPS Cube and you!


minahito said...

The snapshot archiver does not have worked since 1th June!?

minahito said...

I heard that CRON job has been removed by, because our CRON job was missing. Nobunobu has fixed it.

Nuno Luciano said...

The bad doctor has many sick patients. The good doctor has
much more patients in good health.

Therefore, few problems. I hope to get free time to test XCL and modules.

Thanks for this release!

minahito said...

Thank you, nuno!

The most important problem in 2.11 may be its version number. :)

Anyway, we will release 2.11 stable or 2.1.1 stable next week.