Monday, October 30, 2006

OSC2006/Fall Inside Story

This inside story is not a large story. I went to OSC2006/Fall (Open Source Conference 2006 tokyo Fall) event at last Saturday. This is the most popular event in Japanese open source. Many companies and many communities took part in this event. They opened their booth and did speeches.

XOOPS Cube Japan community took part, too. XUGJ (Xoops Users Group Japan) members made a presentation in the booth. I and nobunobu from the dev team did speech. This inside story is about the speech.

At last Friday night, the presentation file for the next day was not completed yet. OSC2006/Fall is the final event for the dev team, because the first dev team will finish their own role soon. Since next OSC, module developers will become hero and core. Therefore, I wanted to speak all of my opinions. I did my best to complete the presentation file. At 3:30 am, it was completed. The file was stored to my mac mini, and mac mini was stored to my bag. Then, I went to the bed.

Next day, I confirmed VGA adapter of mac mini, manytimes. In XTC2006 event July, I forgot VGA adapter. By that, XTC staff had to run to the shop before my speech. I was afraid of the same failure. I confirmed the existence of VGA adapter in my bag, and left for Shinjuku. At that time, AC adapter of mac mini was on the floor of my room...

I paid $5 for the the limited express and arrived earliest at the conference room. Then, I started to prepare my speech. Of course, the preparation was not completed, because mac mini can not boot up without AC adapter. Impossible!

I had 20 minutes only. Of course, it was impossible to return the home to get AC adapter. Members of the dev team said to use PDF files, which I submitted some old versions to ML. There is no other way. But, it was impssible to connect to the net in the coference room. I went to the booth to ask for download. But, at also the booth, nobody was able to connect to the net. Gusagi used to his mobile card to download the file. By that, I got PDF file for my speech.

I took 19 minutes for this preparation. I dashed to the conference room. My speech was finished without any problems and any animations.

Then, I had to return the home to get AC adapter for the next speech, because the PDF file of the next speech was not made. I took 2 hours for it.

BTW, I continue catching cold for 3 weeks. And, I took a turn for the worse by this trouble. When I arrived at the conference room again, I used two meds. Perhaps, the combination between two beds was bad for me. My condition became worst. But, many audiences enjoyed my second speech.

Because my free time was lost for this trouble and my condition was too bad, I was unable to visit other OSS's booths and speeches. A new page was added to my trouble legend.

But, I'm glad that I joined in OSC2006/Fall. You may see the PDF file of my speech here.

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