Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A new team style in Cube world

XOOPS Cube focus on the little government and develops small core programs and conventions. XOOPS JP has different from XOOPS2 about multi-byte and its security policy. By these problems, we forked. Cube doesn't have such problems, because anybody can develop solutions without official mark in Cube world.

But, some users think that Cube forked for getting new official site. They are confused by Cube's policy, because they can't find what the central team is. Our policy isn't uniformed yet. But, we aim to different style from XOOPS2 centralism. It's a sure thing. Anarchism doesn't obstruct passion of active people, because anybody doesn't need to get a green right. An open official team is difficult, because numbers of the team member are limited by a ceiling. But, if official things isn't there, developers can join and drop out anytime freely. We don't need captains who come in any projects about Cube.

Remove difference of an official and 3rd

It's no good idea that official sites is the central. Cube has exchangable base modules and enough flexibility. But, a site must have one specific implementation. It denies the value of Cube. And, I can't understand that active people in other repository are called '3rd party'. That's nonsense!
Any developers of any projects doesn't have any privileges to other projects.

Active people can choose favorite project

For example, I'm a one of core members in the cube dev team, now.
But, I hope to be a normal member in XUGJ. Of course, XUGJ receives me if I hope to work in XUGJ hard.
xoopscube.jp will be managed by active people not us.
Managers chose one base module for their default and plan the xoopscube.jp package. I don't move in on the plan. And, I don't have any duties about the plan. But, I may hope to join the plan as a developer if that's interesting. In this case, I'm a guest developer not a core member.

Developers decide to join which projects by their free time

Developers enjoy smorgasbord dinner by how long their free time is.

Member changes

I'll leave the dev team in next year. That's a kind of test for Cube style. This schedule was decided in last year. But, it will be easy to find the next generation developers, because core members don't have too many duties. If he hopes to join .jp or .org, he may request to be a member. He may choose more projects by his hopes. I'll continue XOOPS Cube with Cube tools development. And I may request to be a member again, if I need it.

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