Monday, October 9, 2006

How to make cool dialogs by OmniGraffle

Some friends ask me how to make cool dialogs like my dialogs. I don't know whether my dialogs are truly cool. But, the method to make them is here. This entry is dedicated to all of programmers who want to make dialogs without designers.

Make a primitive box

Set its color with the liner gradation

90 degree is the best. And, the end color and the start color is the same color. Then, adjust the color saturation of the end color for your hope. I always set 21%.

Set the line style

I can't explain this factor in English well, because I don't know English edition of OmuniGraffle. See the following screenshot.

Add a primitive box

Sets its color with the liner gradation

This gradation is for transparent expression.

The start color and the end color is the same white color. And, make the end color transparence:

Remove outline of the additional box

To remove outline and get a roundness box, make the line color transparence. You should not set zero to line width, for a roundness box.


Adjust each dialogs for your best.

Save your dialog as a group. And adjust its colors.

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