Tuesday, August 22, 2006

XOOPS Cube Shade

Users work harder than the project team for XOOPS Cube! They will complete our Beta September 3th. I have to scramble to finish one more base module. That's experimental approach to testify to the design concept of XOOPS Cube layer. I have been continuing to name my experimental application 'XOOPS Shade'.

1st XOOPS Shade had been changed to XOOPS Cube layer. I had developed it as the prototype of XOOPS Cube. Of course, now XOOPS Cube layer is better much than XOOPS Shade, because members of the project team have reviewed it.

2nd XOOPS Shade had been developed as a kind of base modules. The project team had needed one more base modules to establish that XOOPS Cube Layer doesn't need any code of XOOPS2. But, because 2nd XOOPS Shade isn't interesting, I had stopped developing it.

Also, 3rd XOOPS Shade is developed as a kind of base modules. This is an important project for XOOPS Cube. Because XOOPS Cube Legacy will be completed next month. In other words, we have to establish the spec of XOOPS Cube layer in September. 3rd XOOPS Shade is the last challenge.

See this page. This page is a sample page of XOOPS Cube Shade. You may understand that XOOPS Cube Shade is different from XOOPS Cube Legacy. But, XOOPS Cube Shade is a member of Cube family.

Perhaps, users will use Legacy or a sub class of Legacy as their base module. Because Legasy has the great history of XOOPS2. But, a experiment is important always. XOOPS Cube Shade has explicit 'raison d'etre'.

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