Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The concept of XOOPS Cube

Do you know .NET? .NET is a framework on windows OS developed by microsoft. A desktop application development is easier than a web application development. .NET makes it possible to develop a web application easily as well as a desktop application. Development in .NET consists of mouse drag and some coding. By mouse drag, we drop various independent components into our application. And, we program to connect each components, by delegate, etc.

But, these features of .NET look toward developers. End users (customers order applications) have little to do with this development means. I thought users in XOOPS will get to install modules as components, and use some mechanism as delegate to connect each modules. This is meaning that end users will find entertainment in a part of .NET programers' works.

Because Legacy is XOOPS2 base, we can't carry through this ideal on Legacy. But, a module is a kind of components, and 1 File Hacking is a process to connect them by delegate as a .NET programer do. In other words, components of .NET and delegate of .NET are for developers. But, modules of Cube and delegate of Cube are for users.

I have wanted to develop RAD, which a developer can complete a module as a Cube component with dropping smaller components. But, I may not have enough time to do it.

To be completed as hobby CMS, XOOPS Cube has introduced these mechanism like which developers use in .NET. But, end users will be forced to go up to a height. Some users may refuse Cube. So a fork is good selection. Because they can return to XOOPS. We have gotten just one new selection by fork. Users in might consent meaning of our fork if they see Cube.

At least in Japan, there isn't the hobby which users enjoy building dynamic server applications. Of course, users enjoy creating their homepage by CMS like XOOPS. But, nobody regards CMS assemble as the enjoyable hobby like Lego Block. XOOPS Cube is challenging it. Therefore, current users will bump against a wall. Cube forces new concepts to them. They have to smash the wall in the vanguard of new world.

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