Saturday, August 26, 2006

XOOPS Cube Manifesto and Tool

We may be unable to fix the manifesto format of XOOPS Cube until Cube Legacy 2.1.0. Because it isn't must spec yet, we want to try develop the prototype tool.

The manifesto of XOOPS Cube is a basic data which shows update informations, important news, dependence on other modules and the rule style. The XOOPS Cube project team will decide the format only. And, other projects try to develop tools which help user trough handling the manifesto. It's best that such tools are windows OS application and mac OS applications. That is the reason that the XOOPS Cube project team doesn't develop such tools directly.

Such tools need C++ programer always. It's a wrong to request it to XOOPS Cube project for all time. PHP programer and C++ programer have a different usual gig. I plan to develop it in XOOPS Shade Project.

The tool have to have the following specs:
  • The tool has to connect with a XOOPS Cube site directly, by FTP, SFTP and SCP.
  • The tool has to be a kind of network client, which can upload files and download files by the manifesto.
  • The tool has to cover XOOPS Cube Legacy, D3 modules and XOOPS Cube Shade, even if the structure of them are different.
  • Of course, the tool has to be able to handle themes.
  • When a user tries to install the module, the tool has to manage dependency modules of the module.
  • Module developers doesn't need to have special mechanism to publish their module.
The tool which has these specs, is must for XOOPS Cube world. We try to develop XOOPS Cube as a toy. But, XOOPS Cube is not a toy but just PHP program. Therefore, we have to develop the tool which makes Cube a toy. It isn't difficult to develop such tools, because we can use .NET Framework and WebKit of Mac OS X. These environments make it easy that we develop a network client application.

But, I don't know about Linux desktop application development. That's a problem. But, a site owner might have windows OS or Mac OS X.

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