Friday, August 25, 2006

BRYCE 5.0 Free Download

I was BRYCE 3 user for a long time ago. Last month, I wanted latest version of BRYCE to use it at home. But, because the update cost is expensive, I decided to try another software. And, I bought Vue5 Esprit. It was a good selection. If I paid much money to BRYCE 5.0, I may be cried by this news. BRYCE 5.0 isn't latest version, it's the big news that we can download it free. But, it isn't unlimited duration. If you want BRYCE 5.0, download until September 6th.

In addition, I have used Vue5 to render the billboard for cubson GUI Force. I haven't written blog about CG programing for a long time, but I want to restart.

(I am not a web programer, but this blog looks the blog of a web programer)

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