Saturday, July 22, 2006

Doxygen for XOOPS Cube (3)

I could not update this blog last night. Now, we generates the document from source code of XOOPS Cube by Doxygen.

Doxygen has GUI application whose name is Doxywizard:

It generates the configuration file for Doxygen, and runs Doxygen by that configuration file. In addition, Doxywizard has two setting methods which are wizard and expert, for beginners and experts. Because PHP programs often don't need the expert setting, You may learn only the usage of Wizard mode.

Run Doxywizard. Then, click the 'Wizard' button.

Set the XOOPS Cube directory which you have downloaded, to 'Source code directory'. And, to parse sub directories, check the 'Scan recursively' option. Then, make a directory to contain documents, set it to 'Destination directory'. 'Project name' and 'Project version or ID' are free.

Next, click 'Mode' tab.

Select 'All entities'. By that, all entities are parsed for documents whether these entities have comments for a document system. Then, close the dialog with clicking OK button.

Next, you have to save this setting to a file. Because Doxywizard needs the configuration file to run Doxygen. Doxywizard uses the file you saved as the configuration file for Doxygen.

Next, you have to specify the directory which Doxygen makes temporary files to generate documents. You may specify the temporary directory of your OS, or new directory after you made it.

You have just finished the minimum setting for generating documents. Lastly, click the 'Start' button. The document will be generated in the destination directory which you have specified.

You don't need to do these setting again. You can load the configuration file and generate documents anytime.

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