Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tab vs Spaces

I have continued writing entries every day. But, I'll have to stop updating for three days in this weekend for attending friend's bridal. Because this blog is static pages, I can't set timer for updating. I'll go first to Hiroshima before return to Tokyo. See you again next Monday.

And now, an interesting short article whose subject is "Tab vs Spaces" lands on Bug Babble. (That's old article...I write my impressions belatedly)

Whether tab or spaces are allowed is under discussions in many companies. The article suggested one idea without its answer. "You should set Visual Studio to show whitespace as visible."

You can change this in VS by going to Edit/Advanced/View White Space. I also change the default color for visible whitespace to silver. Silver on a white background is unobtrusive, yet noticeable when there is inconsistency.

It isn't a strange answer. Most IDE don't have the default visible color or the default mark for tab and spaces. This is meaning that they escape from discussions about tab and spaces. I see that some classic editors have the tab mark as default setting. But, recent IDE don't have reference to tab or spaces. The reason might be that they have the formatting feature, which they can format a source code for each users with each formatting informations.

It may be freedom of choice to come to no conclusion.

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