Thursday, June 22, 2006

"Armageddon in Nagoya" XTC2006

I'll not update blog next Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The reason has been written in yesterday's entry. Today's entry is last entry in this week. I'll announce the interesting event.

"XOOPS Cube Tokai Conference 2006 (XTC2006) -- Armageddon in Nagoya. XOOPS Cube has been released" will take place in Nagoya July 29. What's that long title? Um...maybe that's cool expression in Japan!

This is the first XOOPS event in Tokai (Tokai is one of regions in Japan, known by the latest international exhibition). Tom_G3X who lives in Tokai planned this event. And, he and his friends are preparing for opening now.

Many developers will go to this event from Tokyo. Of course, also I'll go. We have always involved Tom_G3X in our events in Tokyo. This time is our turn.

I'll put the demo movie of cubson GUI edition on the screen. Cubson GUI edition is a strange software, developed through a nonsensical idea that most web developers don't want to think. The demo movie will not published in the net. After the event, I'll publish the summary of cubson GUI edition instead of the demo movie in this site. If you want to see its detail, let's go to the event!

Anybody can go to this conference for free. If you hope to go to the party after the conference, you have to pay 4,000 JPY as actual costs. The conference and the party has the fixed number. You can apply these events here.

What's Tokai?

Tokai is a region in Japan, which has Nagoya, Toyota City and more. Two cities are known well. Especially, Toyota City is famous city as bases of toyota Corp that is a car maker. These cities is in Aichi, which has the international exhibition.

By the way, I've lived in Tokai before.

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