Thursday, May 11, 2006


Xoops User Group Japan is the first user group at XOOPS Cube community. They finished the manual of XOOPS and started to write other manual. And, they are challenging other thing.

Somebody may wish to append their result to official site. The site that collects all users' posts may be convenient. But, it's idler's desire. Too big official site and power will trigger nonsense problems. "Unification" should not obstruct the energy of ardent users.

And, don't forget we can connect plural sites by using new web technology. "Aggregation" is better than "Unification". Tim O'reilly insisted that loyal sentiment for one site is old factor now.

Well, see other contents of XUGJ:

XOOPS Dictionary

This is dictionary about XOOPS. You can look up technical term in the dictionary. All words of the dictionary can be linked from the post at forum by using what is like wikilinks. That function is GIJOE's great work.

In XOOPS Cube 2.1, the such hack will be implemented by using Delegate mechanism. I'll write about it in the near future.

Xoops Q & A

This corner is the special forum to ask a question and answer it. You can get the point when you answer well. plzXoo (Please, tell me Xoops!) module is used in this corner. But, it isn't standard poor plzXoo. GIJOE developed great alternative edition for this corner.

I had never seen that plzXoo is used well. But, the alternative version seems to work well. We must pay attention to not only functions of alternative version but good job of the administrators.

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