Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Decentralization and trust

The XOOPS Cube core team is strongly against centralization in XOOPS Cube community. We wish XOOPS Cube community will be dispersed to plural sites. This style will bring freedom and mutual respect.

The style of XOOPS community is centralization of administrative power. It's powerful and wonderful very much. But we don't take such style. Our style is exact antithesis of XOOPS.

The advantages of our decentralization style are the following:

1. Hierarchy Break

Delusion of hierarchy will be smashed. Authoritative organization (Core team), monopolistic authority and person of authority will lose strength. These authority are nonsense very much and not wanted. Official site has to become small as well as code. And, the official and the core team are not the lead role but "kuroko".

The energy of many person is more important than the title of fistful person. For this destination, we wish to shed our authority with soft landing [1].

2. High Speed

Nobody needs to get authorization from the assembly for release about own opinion, module and document in own site. The concept of Web 2.0 will connect plural site.

3. Independence

Official site community isn't sole community for XOOPS Cube. It's one of XOOPS Cube community. Official site community and XOOPS Cube community are different. Even if someone doesn't like the official site, he can launch his site with his amigo. And, two sites will be connected by new web technology with mutual understanding.

Independence will bring true mutual respect. See XC Developers Ring. This is one style of community.

4. For the community

An important slogan is not "For the official" but "For the community". Anybody can carry out own opinion for XOOPS Cube community in various site.

That's concept was sounded like fantasy. But, it has become a real possibility by XUGJ in Japan.

[1] The reason of soft landing is that a sudden change sparks confusion.

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