Wednesday, May 3, 2006

What do you discover in the bookmark?

I incline toward making a bookmark soon by CTRL+D when I want to read the page more.

I tidied my bookmarks more than 400. It was hard work. At first, I prepared some folders about the subject which I'm interested to. But, these folders were not enough to tidy all of my bookmarks. "Etc" folder was flooded with the 150 bookmarks. I had to make more many additional folders.

Then, I noticed that new folders show my interested subjects which I don't usually awake to. These folders are "The careers of great persons", "New technology about a battle tank", "The biology of octopus" and "Beautiful women". At first I didn't know that I'm interested to the biology of octopus. But, there are a lot of the bookmark about the biology of octopus. The additional folders have told me that truth.

I thought that if my bookmarks are exported to the wiki, the wiki pages become interesting. I created simple windows' application to export soon. This application can be created easily because the bookmark's data in firefox is a HTML page. You can download this test application "FireWiki" from here.

I'll publish DLL of this application because I think that this approach may be more interesting. Can you discover anything from your bookmark?

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