Saturday, November 22, 2008

I do freeware activity, because I'm too busy

In last CEDEC, I heard Keiji Inafune's speech. He is one of the most famous game producers in Japan. He said "If you aren't winner of the market, you have to fight not to be loser. But even if you're a winner of the market, you should keep attacking. "

That's very interesting thinking. And, his speech changed my thought. I decided to add many many missions to the XOOPS Cube project, whether we have free time enough.

Until I heard his speech, I continued reducing a number of projects' missions, because nobody is unable to help the project. And I was waiting the time that Japanese volunteers get their free time again. But that was miss judging.

Probably Japanese people have to be very busy. However, the project should increase missions, not reduce missions. If our preconditions is that busy Japanese developers run this project, the project should be stopped and closed. The project should not recognize such situation and has to deny it.

"Because Japanese people are very busy" "Therefore we add many missions to the project".

You may feel antinomy.



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