Thursday, October 30, 2008

Little Big Planet gives many hints to XOOPS Cube

Little Big Planet will be on sale tommorow in also Japan. This game will give many hints to XOOPS Cube project. If you have PS3 and XC users, it's useful to research this game for you.

Little Big Planet is a platform to share each works. Anybody can download levels that other users created and play the levels with your friends. You can share interesting levels to your friends and tag.

Little Big Planet is a creation tool. Anybody can create a new level and release it freely. It's impossible to prevent any creations.

Little Big Plannet is a community to have fun. It's important that creation is very interesting. Anybody is a creator before tools.

Lastly, Little Big Planet is a different world from your daily world. You will get freedom to create something there.


Nuno Luciano said...

I remember your first post about this really nice game.

We are not only re-acting to some huge amount of 'if' and 'else' but also using our imagination to create an interactive environment.

So many possibilities on the way that makes this piece of software so fantastic ^^

And I'm sure XC can be a tool for creative freedom !

Moncorbuus said...

Minahito, so did you buy the game? Have you played it? any follow up comments about the game? Better yet! Have you created a level?

minahito said...

I bought this game when this game was sold on Japan. But I don't create any levels yet. I want to get my free time enough to play this game fully.

I bookmark your site!