Saturday, September 20, 2008

Beta of Tacker2

Have you ever read " Service Operations bulletin 2008-09-12"? You may read interesting news from the news letter. At first, projects that host at become able to use new applications --- phpBB, MediaWiki and LimeSurvey. These applications are under sourceforge control, so we don't need to do something for maintenance. And users can login to those application with account/password of For more informations, read this topic.

Next, sourceforge is developing a new version of their tracker system. We, users may try it anytime. Click "Try it" at a head of our tracker system page:

By that, we can use beta of tracker 2. It needs your feed back! And, we may back to stable tracker system anytime.

For more informations of the beta, read this topic.

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Nuno Luciano said... are doing a great job with new features and new User Interface.